Turning Textbooks Into Cash

Another great deal found while prowling yard sales this weekend.... checked prices from a stack of textbooks at one sale, and noticed one looked brand new. Checked the ISBN on Amazon Marketplace with my smartphone, and found new prices for this textbook were listed in excess of $110, and used copies starting out for $56+! Best of all, sales ranking was showing #211,005 in books. So things were looking favorable.

The price tag of the book? $1

I bought it. No haggling needed.

Once home, it took me less than two minutes to log onto Amazon.com, post the book, and have it show up in my active inventory listings:


I set in the price at $49.99 plus $3.99 s/h.  When it sells - even though extra media mail shipping will be required owing to the fact that this is a hardcover textbook -- I still should be able to turn at $1 bill into a $40 net profit -- a 4,000% return on investment!

I don't usually spend much time looking for textbooks, but a couple of minutes browsing over the Amazon Marketplace during a yard sale stop once again uncovered a real deal!

This was a no-brainer....  if the textbook doesn't sell, there is still a standing offer from Amazon to buy-back this textbook for more than $15! See this note on the sales page:

Sell Back Your Copy for $15.05
Whether you bought it on Amazon or somewhere else, you can sell it back through our Book Trade-In Program at the current price of $15.05.

And what about the other textbooks, you might be wondering? I left them behind, because by checking current pricing/sales ranking using my smartphone, I saw that they were selling for $.01 each -- clearly a case of high supply/low demand.

UPDATE: In less than one week, this college textbook sold.... for $49.99. After deducting Amazon seller fees, paying for packing and shipping (media mail), and deducting the $1 I paid for this book, this sale netted over $38.00! Lesson learned: Key a sharp eye out for more copies of this textbook! :)