Sell Used Books Back To Amazon

It's true. You can sell used books right back to Amazon. Many times you can receive credit in the form of a gift card when you are done reading a book you purchased from the Amazon Marketplace.

Don't expect much. Sometimes it's less than a dollar, but sometimes it can be considerable; especially, if you have several books to sell back to Amazon!

In effect, you can buy the book or textbook, read it, and then return it for a gift card to buy a new book, DVD, video game or music CD/download.

That is so long as you don't damage the book or ruin the condition you purchased it in! If you read carefully -- don't bend the pages or mark up the text -- you should be able to recoup at least part of the money you paid.

Textbook condition criteria can be found here:

Also, it's important to note that electronic devices, video games, DVDs and music CDs may also be included, depending on whether or not they qualify for the program.

The Trade-In terms and conditions posted by are here: Now, we're not saying you'll make money this way. We're just noting that many people want to know how they sell used books back to Amazon when they are finished reading the books.

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