Easy Way To Promote Book Lots On Ebay

I set up this new blog for selling book lots, and I had some items to put up for auction this week on Ebay.
Check out how this makes a nice featured post, and the link lead directly to my auction page: http://book-lots.com/classifieds/3-pc-lot-leslie-sansone-walk-away-the-pounds-book-vhs-dvd/
I'll update this post at the end of the week with results. The new Book-Lots.com site can sell items direct using PayPal for fulfillment; otherwise, I can simply send the visitor to the Ebay auction.
Only problem I see from this is I'll have to do a regular review of posts and mark the completed auctions with "SOLD" sign.
However, upside is that if the item does not sell on Ebay, then I already have the description, photo and pricing test to copy-and-paste onto the Book-Lots.com site.
Update: Book lot unsold. Relisted. Still no bids. Lots of views as I drop price to $5.99 for start bid.
But no sale.