Proof There's Still Easy Money To Be Made From Old Used Books

A recent negative comment about my Kindle book, "How To Make Easy Money Selling Your Old Used Books" sounded like sour grapes to me; I seldom pay attention to the feedback, but this one stood out that the easy money was what I was making selling the book. Allegedly, all the information was freely available on the Internet, and all you had to do was surf the Web and pluck out the info. No need to buy my $2.99 e-book.

Again, everyone has their opinion. But let's get real: Is $3 in today's world really too much to pay to quickly learn how to get started turning dimes into dollars? I know I haven't written the Great American Novel and my spelling and grammar ain't the best. But I still believe strongly that this simple little e-book can help anyone turn some spare-time scouting at thrift stores, library fundraising events, and yard sales into steady cash. Here's proof:

I received 3 emails over the past day, alerting me that 3 books I'd picked up over the past year had sold, and I was given the shipping address as well as the price the books sold for.

The first two were not so much:  One sold for $13.75, the second sold for $5.99.

That first one was picked up for 10 cents in the summer of 2012. The second, for about 15 cents early this year. Both were at thrift stores. Both were in decent shape. Both took up a fraction of my bookshelf while they awaited new owners. Patience -- in book selling and in life -- is indeed a virtue.

But the third sale of a paperback in very good condition made me want to post here today, perhaps to counter people's opinions that this doesn't work. To be clear, there is still good money to be made from old used books when you know what to look for!

The third book I received an alert to ship was a somewhat dry topic on conducting workshops. The book is in very good condition, and because it was in a niche that had very little competition, the selling price was $30.00.  After Amazon deducted their fee ($6.84) and added in the shipping credit ($3.99), I netted a grand total of $27.15.  I know from my experience that the Post Office will charge me about $3.50 to ship this book by Media Mail, and the shipping envelope will cost about $.40, I'll be out about $4.00 to fulfill this order.

So..... $27.15 minus $4.00 equals.... $23.15.

But here's the good part.

That book only cost me 50 cents.  For proof, you can see that I had left the sticker on when I bought it at the thrift store.

Net profit:  $23.15 minus $ .50 = $22.65.

Turning 50 cents of pocket change into a $22.65 profit makes my e-book well worth the cost.

This happens fairly frequently. I find a good quality used book in a niche subject, and it sits on the bookshelf after I've listed it for weeks, perhaps many months, then I cash in. The process is simple. The alerts are timely. The shipping is cheap. The area I store the books is out of the way. And the profit margins are decent.

Do I sell this much everyday?


Sometimes there are no sales; especially in the summer months, people are busy and sales slump.

Do I make this much margin everday?

No. The small mass market paperback on breadmaking that sold for just $5.99 will only net me about $2.

My experience has been that most sales of good decent paperback books earns me about $7-$15 dollars. Some hardcovers and hard-to-find titles have earned back $50+.

My take is that it's all about knowing which books to risk your 50 cents on, and then storing them in an easy-to-retrieve system that allows you to ship them promptly.

And, to imagine people can buy this know-how for about the price of a cheap lunch in a fastfood restaurant, or as I like to point out in my book description, about the price of one gallon of gas next time you fill up your auto or truck.

So, yeah, maybe I'm a little curious as to why some people complain about books like mine. I'm just trying to spread the good news about how easy this home-based business is; it can be run part-time, with very low capital investment, no franchise fees, no advertising costs, and a very small room or closet in your home. If you don't want to pay the $2.99 to me, check out some of the other books on the subject. Almost all of them will be helpful in getting started making money online.

OK. I'll stop whining now. I feel better. Just do yourself a favor: download my book, put it to use, make money like me and you'll wind up paying off your $3 investment in your future in about 2 weeks. If you don't like what you read, you have 7 days to tell Amazon you want your money back.

Now that's what I call a good deal for you.

But, imagine if you invest in your own education of selling used books online and you go from baby-steps to more advanced selling techniques, and you learn how to sell not only used books, but music CDs, DVDs, college textbooks, shop manuals for cars, teacher classroom workbooks.... practically everything under the sun on Amazon?

It can be done.

It's up to the reader to apply the know-how gathered together and put out there in an easy-to-follow format (something that you can't do when wasting time surfing the Web!) and making extra money.