Old VHS Tape Sells For $75.00 .... Bought At Thrift Store For 25 Cents.... $65.00 Net

Awhile back I had a nice surprise: an old VHS tape featuring selected episodes of Sid Ceaser's 'Show of Shows' sold for $75.00. It only cost me 25 cents, so I made a healthy return on investment. The box was a little rough but the VHS tape inside looked excellent. It sat in my inventory for over a year, taking up very little room and returning a big profit for us.

Why did I buy this tape? I'm not sure. I liked the content, it seemed offbeat. The competition was selling at a decent amount. I tossed it into my cart, figuring if it didn't sell, I could still get my 25 cents back at some future yard sale.

Apparently, the other competition sold their copies. I had priced mine pretty high compared to theirs. Then forgot all about it, to be honest. Never figured somebody would be trying to put this whole collection together and they needed the one tape I had lucked upon.

I don't post this (or other items) to gloat or brag. I do it to show that unusual, collectible, or rare items still can make you money selling on the Amazon Marketplace.

Once every now and then I still get people telling me how you can't make any money anymore selling old used books, old magazines, old CDs and tapes on Amazon. I simply smile and nod my head, knowing that that I won't have any competition from this guy or gal. While it's true that pricing pressures do play a role in current used book selling, my strategy to be more selective and stock up on hard-to-find and unique books/tapes/magazines brings in a higher per-item sale.... and more profit.

Earlier this year I made a decision to drop about 800 titles that had been listed in my inventory; those books are in excellent condition, and I will eventually will start bundling them up into book lots for sale locally or for sale online at Ebay. That was hard to do for a book-hoarder like me, but I when I noticed that some of these titles had been sitting on our shelfspace for 3 years or more, I opted to do some shop cleaning and clear out these slow moving titles.

That's getting off track from my reason for posting today. Take heart at this VHS sale I mentioned above. Who knew this would sell. Not me. But it did. And, I still think just about anybody can learn this business and work it part-time to make some extra money. If you take the plunge and go full-time, you might be able to build a really profitable business. And maybe you might not. It depends on luck and skill in unexpected measures to make a full-time go of this type of business. But just think: next time you are in a thrift store and spot an off-the-wall VHS or 8-Track tape, and they are asking 25 cents (or less), what have you got to lose by giving it a try?

There might just be a collector scouring the Internet right now, looking for that rare copy you just stumbled across!