After The Booklot Auction Post on Ebay, How To Store Your Books and Simplify Fulfillment Process

Once I've posted a booklot auction on Ebay, I take the extra time to separate these books from my inventory. I've found a simple way, using scraps of paper, to keep all the books I've listed together until the winning bid appears.

As seen in the photo on the left, I take strips of used 8 1/2" x 11" copier paper about 2" wide, tape two of them together to make a 22" long strip of paper, then band this around the books I've posted. I write the number of books listed, plus the date listed. The result is that I can quickly find the booklot when the sale is made.

I often set these booklot bundles inside the size of shipping box that I'll be using to ship them. Doing this right away saves me tons of time once the sale has been made. It is easy to pack, stuff with packaging, tape up, label and put in my car for my trip to the USPS.

Why go to this trouble? Well, it came about because of a mistake I made.

Once, a booklot I posted caused me a stressful couple of hours because, due to my curiosity, once I'd listed the booklot, one title made me want to read that book. And, when the winning bid showed up a week later, I had forgotten where I placed the book (it wound up back on bookshelves in inventory).

With this new procedure, however, I know that these books are in reserve. Plus, it's less likely I'll ruin condition of the book by tearing a book jacket, wrinkling a page, or spilling coffee on the book.

But, ultimately, it's all about being more efficient with delivery once the order needs to go.  Having the bundle of books, the box, even the packing materials gathered together in one place, it's easy to prep the order for shipment.

As you learn how to save time and money as an online bookseller, you pick up simple ways to make life easier and fulfill shipments to customers quicker.