Asking Yourself The Right Questions Helps You Do More, Sell More, Earn More

To accomplish more in less time is the driving force behind successful people. If you want to build a successful business selling used books online, then you can ramp up this driving force by asking yourself better questions.

In his book "QBQ! The Question Behind The Question," John Miller laid out a self-empowering technique anyone can use to rise above the ordinary.

His technique is to ask yourself better questions. Instead of griping or worrying or wondering about what's going on around you, you should reframe the problems around you.

Ask, "What" or "How"
Add in the word "I" (that's you... not the mysterious "Them" or "They." You.)
End with an action you should do next.
Set a deadline.

As an example, I ask myself:

"How can I sell more used books by the end of the month?"

The question magically sets my mind spewing answers:

"Reprice the books to beat the cheapest book advertised online."
"Find more college textbooks now that classes are resuming."
"Sell more books via booklot sales on eBay."
"Call a few bookstores to see if they are buying non-fiction paperbacks."
"Box up the religious non-fiction books and sell to a local church."
"Post a notice on social media that you have books that are half-price."
"Hold a garage sale this weekend."

Seven answers in 60 seconds. Now, eliminate the ideas that won't work or won't produce the return on investment (i.e., lowering price of books is not a good idea if you wind up giving away the book for less than you paid, and holding a garage sale this weekend is not a good idea if the forecast calls for rain.)

But calling up independent bookstores in your hometown might be a quick way to move lots of old used, unsold book from your inventory to their bookshelves and put some cash in your pocket. Plus, you might run across a new source of books where you can swap out books you can't sell for non-fiction titles that are in high demand online.

Miller cautions that his technique will only work:

1. When you stop thinking of yourself as a victim, when you stop procrastinating or blaming others;
2. When you strive to only change yourself, not others; and
3. When you take action with a deadline.

My own personal twist to this is to ask myself, "What do I need to do next?" once I've completed my QBQ. Just this one simple 7-word question does wonders to spark new, positive action, allowing me to get more done each day.

This book was published back in 2001 by Denver Press. I found my pristine hardcover copy while out sourcing books to resell (imagine that!) and found my personal copy for just 25 cents. It's a short read full of action steps and good advice to help anyone apply this simple, effective technique of asking better questions to get better results out of life. You can probably find a good used copy online. The ISBN you can search on is 0966583221. They're out there, really cheap, and you'll learn a lot from the book... if you get it, read it and apply what the author shares in it. You just can't have mine. I'm busy using it everyday to ask myself better questions that keep me on track.  Another QBQ: "How can I help other booksellers get more done, sell more books, make more money today?"  Write this blog post and recommend this book. Done.