45 Minutes Sourcing, 5 Books Discovered. Value $175.42. Cost $1.75.

Yesterday I had a few minutes to check out used books for sale at a local library book sale stand, plus stop in at a nearby thrift store that's been good to me in the past.

In total I spent 45 minutes checking through the used paperbacks and hardcovers.

I spent less than $2 and wound up with 5 books in good or very good condition. When I listed them for sale last night in my Amazon Marketplace account, I undercut the lowest price of each title to gain top listing if and when somebody goes shopping for those 5 books.

If all 5 sell, gross sales would be $175.42.

My net revenue after Amazon fees and shipping & handling costs would be about $120.00, more or less.

If any one of them sell, I'll have recouped my investment of $1.75 and made a little profit.

Here are the 5 books I found and purchased for pocket change:

"The New Concise History of the Crusaders" - Paperback. Cost 25 cents, listed for $14.97

"The Shankill Butchers: The Real Story of Cold-Blodded Mass Murder" - Paperback. Cost 25 cents, listed for $21.50

"King of the Delta Blues: The Life and Music of Charlie Patton" - Paperback. Cost 50 cents, listed for $76.00

"Achieving Compatibility with Handwriting Analysis: Understanding Your Sexual Relationships - Vol. 2" - Paperback. Cost 25 cents, listed for $17.95

"Klandestine: The Untold Story of Delmar Dennis and His Role in the FBI's War Against the Ku Klux Klan" - Hardcover. Cost 50 cents, listed for $45.00

You can see how these show up as lowest price in this screenshot I took:

Update: The paperback on the history of the Crusaders sold within a matter of days for my asking price of $14.97. Ka-Ching! My entire investment of $1.75 was paid in full, my customer was happy as a lark, and I made a small profit. Three of the other books eventually sold as well: "Klandestine" sold for $9.70; "Sing of the Delta Blues" sold for $49.00; and "The Shankill Butchers" sold for $14.50. The only book I have left over from this sourcing expendition is the "Achieving Compatibility" paperback. But even if it never sells, I made my money back and then some! A rough estimate is that I grossed about $88.00 on my total investment of $1.75 plus a few minutes checking out used books. Truly easy money!

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