Latest Library Book Sale Haul: 90 Books for $9

I hadn't been to a library book sale in a couple of years. My schedule never seemed to mesh up with the right weekends, when unwanted, ugly books get sold by the bagful for pennies on the dollar (a.k.a. my favorite part of library book sales!).
I arrived at 1 o'clock in the final hour on a Saturday afternoon, when they were selling your choice of books at $2 a bag until closing time 2 p.m. I only had 60 minutes, so I had to pick fast. Here is what I wound up with -- 90 books for $9.00. Ten cents a book. Once I got home the culling process began:

The sale was on Saturday. The next day on Sunday I listed about 5-6 titles. Total retail value was showing in excess of $200. By Tuesday I had sold 2 of the titles: a new copy of "A Course on Miracles" for $14.00 and a copy of a martial arts book for $27.00. After postage, packing, and seller fees, I netted over $30. So all the remaining 88 books were then paid in full, free and clear. Anything I make on them will be pure profit.
That's the excitement of library bag sales! Well, FYI, I continued to list select books onto my account through the following week, and wound up donating a number of the books to a local thrift store because I had picked hastily without resorting to checking current pricing on my smartphone. Since the clock was ticking and they were ready to close up shop, I didn't have much time to be picky. I had to rely on my past experience over 6 years of selling used books online to help me.
What's interesting about this library book sales is all the public domain titles and out-of-print titles I found in the sale, which will be valuable for re-publishing projects I am involved in (note: public domain content can be very valuable; you can use it any way you wish, and repurpose the content for other books, ebooks, websites, social media artwork, etc.). I'm currently planning to publish a new e-book on how to profit from public domain. I'll post more about this new book in 2017 when it's finished.
Summing this book sale up: There is still plenty of money to be made at library sales. If you have one coming up in your area take advantage of the good deals you'll find there.