Discarded Instructional DVDs Provide Proven Profits

It's easy to make money online when you find great products that are practically being given away.

A quick scouting trip to the local library, where they have a perpetual book sale going on in the lobby, yielded a surprising quantity of unopened, brand-new DVDs on 'How-To' topics of various youth sports. I picked them all and added in a big serving of used paperbacks. The total cost was only $3.00 for the whole bag.

They were practically giving them away. When I got home, I logged into my Ebay Seller Account and I posted all 9 brand-new sports DVDs plus 3 pre-watched ex-library copies, along with several good books I picked up. Elsewhere that same week, I had even discovered at a neighborhood yard sale an unopened new DVD on painting instruction by Bob Ross for only 50 cents -- a DVD which sold for $25.00 within 3 days after I'd listed it on Ebay.

Note: the reason I post them on Ebay now is that Amazon Marketplace has made the posting/sale of DVDs almost impossible with their changes that they rolled out back in 2014. (Here is my post about their restrictions selling DVDs on their website) Therefor, Ebay remains my 'go-to' spot to list and sell good quality videos and book lots.

After deducting my listing fees and final value fees, my PayPal fees, and my shipping fees, my net on just that one DVD was over $17.00... more than covering my $3.50 out-of-pocket investment. Showing once again that one easy sale can more than pay for all the rest of the products I'd picked up for resale.

Here are the photos of my haul, not including some of the photos of books I picked that are still pending listing online...

And here are the sports DVDs I scored which I listed on Ebay for anywhere from $15-$25 each:

Remember, I got all of these DVDs and more good used books for just $3.00 for the whole bag. The moral of this story? It's simple: Keep scouting and BOLOing for good quality, in-demand inventory to resell online. You can still make money with good used books, DVDs and music CDs, even if the competition gets pretty tough sometimes. Don't quit, keep growing your business! (Just make sure you don't overpay for the books, media items and resale merch that you stuff in the bag!)

Update: A few weeks after these DVDs had been posted, 3 of them sold: one for $25, one for $14, and one for $14.50. Total sales, less fees, packaging and postage costs, netted me about $36.00. Deduct the cost of 50 cents each, and my profit is $34.50 for a few minutes of work.

Now, the remaining DVDs and paperbacks I purchased at the library book bag sale for $3.00 are completely free and clear, and anything I earn from them (over the cost of listing fees, packaging and shipping costs, of course) is pure profit.