How To Sell Used Books On Amazon - Why Selling Online In Marketplace Makes A Solid Home-Based Business

By Steve Johnson

I recently wrote about why selling used books makes the perfect niche for a home business. You can build the business as small or large as you want. It can be a sideline business that your run part-time. It can also turn into a full-blown full-time online venture with a warehouse full of books. The choice is yours.

In that article I made some major observations from my own experience:
  • More and more people buy used books online, making this niche market the perfect home-based business to start with little upfront money and low risk.
  • People want information. They don't care that a second hand book has some minor shelf wear or handling marks. They want to save money over the price of new books.
  • You can help provide them with the good quality used books they want to buy, and build a profitable home-based business that practiclaly runs on autopilot when you know what you are doing.
  • You can make your home bookstore as small or as large as you choose, depending on the amount of time and resources you commit to it. Selling used books online has never been easier or more profitable, and now is a great time to get started offering used books for sale.
  • You will need to do your research, focusing on the most profitable, fastest selling books, while avoiding the slow movers. These probably won't be books that you would buy for yourself, but that doesn't matter. You're buying second hand books that customers are wanting to buy online.
  • And even though the Amazon Marketplace is the perfect place to start your used book business from home, you'll want to keep learning and expanding your knowledge of where to sell used books at other websites to grow your home-based business.
My newest e-book "How To Make Easy Money Selling Your Old Used Books On Amazon" is now available in the Kindle E-Book Store at Amazon, where you can read a free sample chapter.