Used Book Expert Reveals The Secrets Of Making Easy Money In Your Spare Time, Selling Used Books From Home

Can You Really Make $200 a Day Part Time Selling Used Books Online?

By Guest Blogger Craig Wallin

Starting your own used book business is easy and can be quite profitable. It can turn into a new career or be something you do part time, in just an hour or two a day. In fact, you could make $200 a day working part time at it, and before you know it, you'll be on your way to success selling used books online.

The most important factor in your success is picking the right kind of books. It can be tempting to sell fiction books, but chances are you're not going to make top money selling a John Grisham novel that everyone else is selling. Maybe you can make a dollar here and there, but those are not the books that'll bring top dollar.

Instead, some books you should consider:

Rare books (scarce first editions can bring you some nice money)
Cookbooks (specialized areas such as ethnic cooking are particularly popular)
Children's books (especially ones that are out-of-print)
History books (books about the Civil War and other specialized topics are always popular sellers)
How-to books (books in steady demand include home and car repair, as well as business and self-improvement)

There are also books you should avoid. It's hard to make a lot of money with these:

Art books (generally large in size and hard to ship)
Computer books (these become outdated fast)
Encyclopedias (these days more and more encyclopedias are online, making the traditional printed version hard to sell)
Travel books (these lose their appeal and demand once a new edition is published)
Mass-Market Paperbacks (you'll only make pennies selling these)

After you've gotten your books, you're ready to begin selling them. When thinking about prices, don't assume you need to pick the lowest price, especially if your book is in better condition than the copies going for the lowest prices. You still stand a good chance of selling your book if you pick a reasonable price, not simply the lowest one possible. A good system is to look at the prices being offered, discard the lowest and highest, and then average the rest. That could be your best price.

And lastly, ship your books quickly, and do what it takes to make your customers happy. Shipping the books promptly and in the condition you promised will make your customers want to leave positive ratings and reviews, and keep the business rolling in.

It's quite possible and not too difficult to make $200 a day in the used bookbusiness with only a part-time commitment. Pick the right books, price them at a reasonable rate, and pack and ship carefully and promptly. Before you know it you'll be selling a lot of used books and making a nice profit.

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Article courtesy of used book expert Craig Wallin