Just Published: 'How To Make Easy Cash With Old Magazines' -- Kindle Book and Paperback Versions Now On Sale

At long last we've finished final edits and published our latest book to help book sellers make more money finding, buying and listing old, vintage magazines online for top profits. Old magazines offer a high return on investment if you approach it right. It can truly offer easy cash profits for part-time work, or it can become a nightmarish gateway to a cluttered home if you're not careful. This book helps you know what to look for and what to stay away from.


How To Make Easy Cash With Old Magazines: Make Money Finding, Listing & Selling Used and Vintage Magazines In Your Spare Time! [Kindle Edition]

Here's what you get: 83 page e-book with real page numbers. Step-by-step, real world advice, complete with pictures to help bring you up to speed faster. Just published June 2014. Intro pricing only $2.99 for instant download to your Kindle e-reader, or to your Kindle app device. (Click here to read a free 'Look Inside' sample)

Also available as a 110-page trade paperback. $9.99 plus s&h.

Here is what you get in our new e-book for about the price of a gallon of gas next time you fill up your car:

Yes it's true! You cank make easy money working from home, finding, listing and selling old magazines (1980s and older) online and offline.

All it takes is some spunk, some storage space, some motivation and some know-how on getting started. This book helps you do just that. It gives you a head-start on how you can cash in on easy money with old magazine covers, magazine back issues, vintage magazines, old magazine advertisements and magazine illustrations.

This book helps you save time, save money, helps you know what to buy and what not to buy, helps cut the clutter, and helps you avoid newbie mistakes.

Why is this so lucrative? Many reasons: Old magazine covers make great wall art. Out-of-print magazine articles and fiction is like gold to hobbyists and historians. Vintage magazine ads are prized by collectors of specific periodicals and of certain product lines.

Take a look at the table of contents to see what you get:

  • Why You Need To Get This Book Now!
  • Chapter 1: How Old Magazines Can Make You Money
  • Chapter 2: Picking the Right Kinds of Magazines to Buy & Resell
  • Chapter 3: Thrift Store Finds – How a friend bought an old stack of magazines for less than $5, then sold them for $10-30 each online!
  • Best Places to Look For Old Magazines
  • Chapter 4: Cut Clutter to Reclaim Your Home and Make Extra Cash at the Same Time
  • Chapter 5:  How to Know What Your Old Magazines Are Really Worth and How To Price Them For Max Profits
  • Chapter 6:  How to Grade Old Magazines For Accurate Listings and To Minimize Negative Feedback
  • Chapter 7:  How To List, Store and Track Inventory
  • Best way to list magazines for sale on Amazon
  • Best way to list magazines for sale on Amazon
  • Best way to list magazines for sale on EBay
  • Best way to list magazine lots
  • Other places to advertise magazines for sale
  • Chapter 8:  Best Ways To Pack and Ship Magazines and Vintage Magazine Ads
  • Chapter 9: Framing Vintage Magazine Ads For Added-Value Sales
  • Chapter 10:  Selling Content from Old Magazines Legally
  • Chapter 12: Resource Directory
  • Message From The Author

Why You Need To Get This Book Now!

If you want to make money buying and selling old, vintage magazines, this book can help you make more money faster, and avoid getting stuck with trash.

Magazine back issues and vintage magazines deliver an aura of nostalgia – and can help you pocket a pretty profit – when you know what to look for whenever you are out and about sourcing product.

How to sell old magazines is only one part of this book. Magazine collectors can use this guide as a resource to value their collection and learn how to get maximum value when they swap with other collectors.

Selling current magazines or magazine back issues can be an easy way to add extra profits for very little work, low investment, and low risk.

Selling magazines is a lucrative way to supplement your income, working only a few hours a week, and never really doing any selling at all.  All you need to do is find old copies of Life Magazine to vintage car magazines, post them for free online, ship them as soon as the orders are e-mailed to you, and automatically collect your profits.  So simple, yet so profitable! This is the easy way how you can make money in this niche market.

You might already have a stash of old magazines to sell. Perhaps you've inherited old magazines, or you discovered a large box of forgotten magazines in your attic, or you purchased a box full of used magazines at an estate sale. Either way, you can get top dollar by following the advice in this eBook.

But that ain't the only way to make money in this business! If you're like me, you love prowling yard sales and auctions. Along the way you're bound to run across old magazines. Sometimes you get lucky and you'll find a true diamond in the rough. Maybe you find a seller who just wants to get rid of them all and puts a $1 asking price on the whole box. Or you get them for 25-50 cents each.

In any case, there is money to be made. This e-book is your investment in locating the diamonds in the rough and leaving the dirt behind. Better yet, you’ll find some new ideas and tips on many different ways to profit from old magazines.

Don't delay. Order your copy delay and get started making easy cash with old magazines!