Check For Shipping Supplies In Clearance Section

I ran across a great deal recently...

While waiting to have new tires mounted on my car at Wal-Mart, I did something I seldom do there anymore: check out the clearance section.

This time around, I uncovered some super deals on padded envelopes.

I bought all they had. Large bubblewrap envelopes for $1.50/pack of 5. Smaller package of paperback-size bubblewrap envelopes for only 75 cents.

Why these were on sale?

Who knows. They weren't damaged. Or out-of-date. Or .... no reason at all.

Here's what I brought home for less than $6.00, including sales tax:

The takeaway lesson?

Give yourself two minutes to check out the clearance section at the back corner at Wal-Mart. You just might wind up finding a deal like mine and put cash in your pocket when it comes time to ship used books to your customers.