Used Book Sales OK'd by U.S. Supreme Court Decision

Right to resell used books unheld by U.S. Supreme Court

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"In a major case that pitted used book sellers, libraries, museums and other retailers against book publishers, the U.S. Supreme Court came down squarely on the booksellers' side. The Court ruled that publishers may not use copyright law to prevent the owners of used books published abroad from reselling, loaning, or giving them away."

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This bodes well for new booksellers wanting to make money selling used books on Amazon! Not having the ability to follow through with the long standing rule of the First Sale Doctrine could shut down many online booksellers, as well as secondhand book stores throughout the United States.

The used book business is thriving on websites like, (owned by Ebay), as well as buy-back websites that steamline the process. But in my opinion, people wanting to sell their old used books are best served by listing them for sale in the Amazon Marketplace. List them once, ship when they sell, and there are no fees until the books are sold. Very simple, easy to run this as a part-time business or as a once-a-year housecleaning operation vs. selling your used books at a loss at a yard sale.

I'm glad that this right to resell used books has been upheld by the courts.

Now, time to get busy buying and reselling books!