Vintage Software Can Still Make You Extra Cash

Don't overlook old outdated software when sourcing product for resale on the Amazon Marketplace. Here's an old unused copy of Window98 I discovered recently. I'm selling it in an auction this week on Ebay. So far, I've got one bidder offering $19.99. Here's a screenshot of the auction... maybe you'd like to bid on the copy? Jump right in!

>p> There's a few days left on this auction. You can bid here:

Visit my auction

I'll post results next week.

Bottomline: Even software that has been abandoned by Microsoft (they don't support this version anymore, but apparently people still want to buy it!) can be a profitable item to list for sale.

The other important lesson is this: don't hold on to your inventory too long. If this had been offered for sale on Ebay several years ago by an owner who didn't need it, then it would have brought in a nice payday, not $20 bucks or so. Move inventory. Have a sale. Clear out non-fiction books and textbooks before they become obsolete.

What do you have hiding on your bookshelves that needs to go now?