Box of Old Magazines Hidden Under Table At Local Yard Sale Turns Into Big Score

A quick stop at a local yard sale found nothing of interest.... but a large box under a table, marked "50 Cents Each, or $5 for Box" caught my attention.  Pulling it out, I found it to be stuffed full of magazine back issues... titles like Food & Wine, Eating Well, Saveur .... and they were carefully preserved in 3-ring binders. They were in excellent condition.

I pulled out my smartphone, launched my mobile browser, landed on Amazon and typed in the titles into the search box.  Then, I pulled up Ebay's mobile site.  On each I found plenty of listings for these titles in good used condition. In fact, some carried pricing at $7 per copy. In fact, here's a back issue of that magazine from that same year, 1995, as the ones I found. This seller is asking $20+ for these issues!

(No it's not same issue I came across, but my copy of that magazine back issue is in perfect condition... and that makes me think that I'll make back my money on just 1 or 2 sales of these great magazines).

I didn't dicker. I paid the asking price. Here's what I wound up with when I unpacked the box back home:

Inside the box I also found 3-4 additional booklets that had value to vintage recipe book collectors. Finally, there was a collection of family favorites from an unknown -- and obviously, a very talented -- cook. Once home, I counted up the booty: 81 magazines in like-new condition.

I listed one copy for $9.99 in my Amazon store:

When it sells I'll post my net profit. I'm positive several of these magazines will eventually sell.

UPDATE: Feb. 27, 2014, slightly less than 5 months after picking up this lot of good used magazines, the above mentioned Saveur magazine back issue sold for $8.99 plus $3.99 s&h. Here is the proof below:

Lesson learned: Never forget to peek under the display tables when you are out scouting for good used books, postcards, magazines and other printed products that you can resell for good profits on Amazon and Ebay. Keep your eyes open for niche publications that target a very avid audience; often, they are very interested in completing their collection of magazine back issues. You never know what treasures you'll find out there!