Library Book Sale Yields Potential 5-Figure Payoff ... Then My Hopes Get Dashed

I love library book sales. I usually find good deals on used books, both ex-library and brand new copies, that I can list for sale on Amazon. A recent book sale I attended was one of the best: paperbacks 10 cents, hardcover books for just 25 cents, and children's library-bound books for only 10 cents.
What was a big surprise was a library book that was written by a local author. When I got home and went to list the book, I was shocked to find that the available books were priced at huge prices. I decided to be the low bidder.... look at where my 10 cent book titled "If You Call My Name" shows up in my inventory page:

Now, I didn't know if this 10 cent item would ever sell at $6,950.00. But I listed it that way anyhow. Then, within the next week one of the few other sellers dropped the price down to about $70. Gradually over the next few days, the automatic re-pricing software other booksellers are using has lowered down to where mine is about $68.00 (now, two weeks later, down to $60.00).

So, even if it sells for this amount I'll still make a fantastic return on investment (remember: the book cost just 10 cents!) No, my dreams of sharing my amazing windfall with literacy programs locally didn't last. But it's always nice to dream big devery once in awhile. And, it's fun to rediscover treasures abound at almost every little library book sale in the U.S.

As 2013 has drawn to a close and a new year begins, make it a point to check out your local library book sales. Most hold one in the Spring and one in the Fall. You can discover profitable book sales for free at the website .... good luck finding diamonds in the rough out there this coming year!