USPS Tracking Currently Free?

I've always been a big proponent of using the USPS Tracking when shipping books via Media Mail through the post office; but lately, I've noticed that my book packages are getting USPS Tracking free. The curious thing is that the postal workers will ask me if I want tracking, and if I say 'Yes' they will charge me $1.05 for it. If I say 'No' on the other hand, they apply the USPS Tracking on the package at no charge.


Something about this doesn't seem right.

Many months ago, a postal worker confided to me that the U.S. Post Office computer system had a bug in it that caused workers a boatload of problems. From what I remember of that conversation, the workers were instructed to keep charging for those services.

I went ahead and kept ordering and paying the Tracking service. Many of my listings on the Amazon Sellers Marketplace included wording that we provide this service free to ensure accurate, timely and trackable delivery to the buyer.  But now, the Post Office is offering it free.