Old Article Still Delivers New Insights Into Selling Books Online

Very good advice from an ebay helpful article published way, way back in 2006, titled: "The Truth About Selling Books on eBay. I like what the author (Seller name lcpratt455) said in the introduction:  

"But, there are certain mistakes you can make that will definitely doom your bookselling efforts early.   Avoid these pitfalls and you'll give yourself a much better chance to succeed."

You can read the article here:


Although the used book business has changed since this article was first published, it is still wise to follow this commonsense advice.

I've expanded my own booklot sales to eBay (even though I've recently had reservations about their focus on promising money-back satisfaction guarantees without getting input from sellers), and have been able to move old inventory of good used books this way. I don't make as much since I only get sales when I offer free shipping (and with books tipping the scales as overweight most times), but that seems to be the only way to attract bids these days.  I'll continue to report on my success in future posts.